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The Computer Arts Society (CAS) was founded in 1968, in order to encourage the creative use of computers in the arts.

PAGE, the bulletin of the Computer Arts Society, was initially published from April 1969 until 1985 and was named after the concept of paging (the use of disk memory as a virtual store which had been introduced on the Ferranti Atlas Computer). It featured major British and international computer artists and hosted some fundamental discussions as to the aims and nature of computer art. Its first editor was Gustav Metzger (who named the journal),[9] thereby establishing from the beginning an association with the avant-garde. Metzger was ‘excited’ to discover CAS and ‘people coming together’ as he had ‘felt quite isolated.’[10] As early as 1961, Metzger had stated that ‘…the artist may collaborate with scientists, engineers.’ As many members were outside of London or overseas, PAGE was an important disseminator of information.


Ein Archiv früher Ausgaben von PAGE waren dieses Jahr in der Ausstellung «Short Cuts» (18.04.2015 – 14.06.2015) im Centre Pasquart zu entdecken. Wer es verpasst hat oder sich die Magazine nochmals in Ruhe durchlesen will: Die Magazine können auf der Website von Computer Arts Society als PDF gratis heruntergeladen werden:

Eine wunderbare Zeitreise abstrakter digitaler Computerkunst von 1996 bis 2014.


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Written by Esther Hunziker