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27.12.2010 15:17
Mission Kaki - a Travel Adventure in Episodes
How a secret agent travels through space and time - what distinguishes him from other travellers or tourists, where he travels, when he feels lonely, why does he feel a sense of anxiety, and what does he need to do to carry out his mission? From 2008 to 2011 we follow at the heels of Hektor Maille, the best man in the Secret Service of Santa Lemusa. Month after month comes a new episode of this adventure, which begins on a balmy summer afternoon in the sylvan garden of the Maison Lara in Senpuav.
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23.11.2010 18:54
Scotty, Calling for Scotty
Before I undertake a brief exploration of #cloudrumble56 and Hauz-i-Shamsi I should have you know that this curator-writer was not physically present at the performance sites of either work. My engagement with the works has been strictly virtual. In that, no quick visits to Delhi and Mehrauli were made. I sat at my laptop then, just as I am sitting before it now.

24.08.2010 11:54
Mouse Music
Mouse Music is an acoustic space which emerges through principles and algorithms of chaotic systems. Explore this rich world of sound with your mouse.
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24.07.2010 17:19
Archeology of the Daily Life
Most people would agree that consciousness is the principal specificity of the human genre. Nevertheless, most of us spend the majority of our lives executing repetitive tasks.

24.05.2010 10:27
The Medium's Two Spaces
The cultural history of media unfolds along a two-fold spatiality: the space captured by media technology; and the space that this technology opens up in the realm of perception. Already in 1967, Michel Foucault described this doubling in his essay “Of Other Spaces”, in which he introduces the cinema as an exemplary heterotopia, in which the viewer is in two places at once.1 According to Foucault, the viewers are not only in the cinema, but also in the film.
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09.05.2010 19:45
In Search of #cloudrumble56
Abhishek Hazra and the fragility of memory

27.04.2010 10:40
The compass of pirate captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy points to a new evaluation of the relationship between Man and his world by means of instruments. Unlike Sparrow's compass, which commercializes the ambivalence of instruments on a mass-media scale, Subodh Gupta's and Valentina Vuksic's works indicate the interrelationship between Man, environment and instrument. Man is freed of his dominant position by emancipating the instrument from its purpose of being a means of controlling nature and culture.

16.04.2010 09:21
Hauz-i-Shamsi, a reservoir, built by Iltumish – who ruled Delhi in the 13th century – still holds water. Legend has it that it was in a dream that Prophet Muhammad revealed where Iltumish should build the reservoir. On inspecting the site, Iltumish is said to have found a hoof print of Muhammad’s horse (Burak); around this he erected the reservoir.
Hauz-i-Shamsi will now be presented online via webcam. A mobile sculpture of Burak will float on it waters and visitors, in the vicinity and online, will be able to interact with the Burak through phone or web.<...
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19.03.2010 19:25
Five Brief Meditations on
Beam Me Up/ #cloudrumble56

19.03.2010 08:06
Buraq and the Hauz-e Shamsi. Or, The Residue of Dreams.
A mobile sculpture of Buraq will float on the waters of the Hauz, the dream-horse returning to the reservoir it inspired...

17.03.2010 03:33
scotty's back
scotty gets caught up with tim berners-lee

16.03.2010 14:59
of twittering performing archives under the influence of thermal ionization

14.03.2010 13:50
3d space simulation
animations showing strange
human space interactions

11.01.2010 18:34
Tv-Bot 2.0
Live Stream Broadcast Remix
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16.12.2009 13:12
macghillie - just a void
macghillie is roaming around, defying a goal, without intention, withdrawing from purpose,
crossing the cybernetic loops. macghillie defies classification, attributions are shifted into the void, no will to communicate. recognition does not help. how long this can last in a postutopian space? are there moments for something that does not want to be anything?

26.09.2009 18:23
The website of a research
program that deals with consciousness-expanding drugs and inner journeys into transcendental space. It is intended primarily for your computer – not for you.

04.09.2009 20:55
The PIXEL COLLIDER (PICO) is a public online tool and machine in the search for the dark matter and the smallest particles beyond the pixel.

10.08.2009 19:12
Search engine for
people from cyberspace

06.08.2009 15:43
Time-space experiences in
10 interactive online movies

10.06.2009 12:49
Progressive Scan Studies
Experiments in traversing space and time in a linear fashion. Joe Winter's animations are both films and drawings of spaces which seem familiar from lived experience, but have been flattened into traces of digital data.
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10.06.2009 12:46
Space, Experience and Perception
Dr. Guillaume Belanger of the Gamma-ray mission Integral of the European Space Agency (the Science Operations Department, within the European Space Astronomy Centre in Madrid) has written a new essay that raises questions regarding our perception of this world, of what we know, and ultimately of ourselves. He draws his inspiration for the context in which he sets these simple but fundamental questions from our home Galaxy: its stars, its structure, and its nucleus, the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*.
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10.06.2009 12:42
Shrine to the Martyred Phoenix Lander
Watch the time-lapse video of Jamie O'Shea's small shrine to NASA's Phoenix Lander, destroyed by ice on Mars. This project ran live from June 2009 to June 2010 and is now in an archived state.

04.06.2009 14:08
Cosmic sites: Remote space and personal perception meet at the monitor
Dr. Jayanne English of the University of Winnipeg's Department of Physics and Astronomy has submitted a new animation showing the cold hydrogen gas, which is invisible to human eyes, in our Milky Way Galaxy. Dr. English makes images from complex data sets aquired via telescopic observations of outer space, determining the colour and form of them as she sits in front of her computer screen.

04.06.2009 13:31
This previously unpublished poem, originally composed in 2008, posits a question regarding the origins of the universe; it arose during a conversation between Alec Finlay and the artist Honor Harger. Alec will compose a poem with the answer if anyone can supply it.
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24.05.2009 18:17
Not Neither, Not Nor
The Musical Space in Opera Work
Notes on Morton Feldman

16.04.2009 18:00
Safety Zone
The “Safety Zone”, an internet short film produced by Tan Gengxiong, together with his other artworks in recent years, based on the notion of space assigned to the allusive perimeters visually or conceptually to express his concerns of current human living condition and in cultural or philosophical enquiries.
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14.04.2009 11:53
In an unparalleled performance at the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow in 2002, the world itself broke into the space of art. During the second act of the musical “Nord-Ost” the theatre was turned into a crime scene: the stage and auditorium were mined, there were armed terrorists everywhere. At the end of the show, there were dead bodies in the seats, in the aisles.

22.03.2009 18:38
”You are here”. Spaces of
the Mirror, the Path, the Map
What might be learnt from computer games in times of “locative” digital media and navigation charts. And from phenomenology

04.03.2009 10:36
Empire – A Virtual Tour
The new media art project Empire - A Virtual Tour was led by the artist Hu Jieming with his collaborative artists, 40 students and teachers from the Institute of Visual Art Fudan University, presented to the public in Shanghai with an interactive installation show between January and February 2009 and with the screenings on the Basel based website

25.02.2009 19:47
February 11, 2009

A performance at
Alan Sondheim's
Second Life exhibition
"The Accidental Artist"
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02.02.2009 18:57
At the stadium
Heidegger's Media of Topology

13.01.2009 18:29
The 5th Day
Carlo Zanni keeps investigating what he calls DATA CINEMA: a new way to approach filmmaking and narrative forms at large based on the use of live data feedback gathered from the Net, to create ever changig cinematic live environments.
A networked slide-show.

12.01.2009 12:46
A virtual Journey through the
Kalachakra Cosmos and its
Mandala Palace on Top of Mount Meru.

Most mandalas are two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional concept: a palace full of deities, on which the practitioner is supposed to meditate.
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02.01.2009 18:43
0 = 10,000
The Age of Dharma Decline
will go on for 10,000 years
Material is immortal
Back and forth in Cycle
After all is Nirvana

25.12.2008 00:27
Notes on Second Life Phenomenology
Recent SL texts on the installation The Accidental Artist in Second Life

15.11.2008 18:12
Some images and commentary
(This might be the clearest exposition I've been able make re: the Second Life installation. The commentary is just that, a kind of epistemological description. The world of the show, the true world or virtual or dream or real world, comes through, I think. And from this perhaps to the show itself, where everything moves, and contemplation is more difficult, close to impossible at times, and hopefully rewarding.)

07.11.2008 01:25
The changing of The Accidental Tourist show in Second Life at Odyssey.

04.11.2008 16:04
Video by Esther Hunziker
2008, color, sound, 3 min. loop
Signals, noise, frequencies, snatches of sound, distant voices. The movie signal is hardly to be recognized. Blured edges, smeared images. Everything melts.
Melts away. The absence of concrete images and the electrospheric soundtrack from overlapping radio frequences, causes a abstract hypnotic void, a space without beginning or end, without clear structures. . .

04.11.2008 16:02
Film Clips for the Getting Over of Space-Time Order.
A film-historical field study

04.11.2008 15:33
beam me up trailer
Trailer animation by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg

04.11.2008 14:32
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04.11.2008 14:02
what's going on ...
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04.11.2008 12:39
beam me up - the main topic
The online publication Beam me up deals with aspects of symbolic, virtual, and physical space. A short introduction.
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